Freedom, Cried The Fire

by Jo Cardoso

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released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Jo Cardoso Plymouth Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Shades Of Black
Darkness rains all through the trees,
Something out here's got a hold on me,
Chips away at all I've been,
Now time stands still, where do I begin?
Am I sick, or just free?
All these questions just feed,
So with a needle or three, I'll chase away,
These shades of black.

Fire's flowing through my veins,
I need my spoonfed meals to get me through the days,
Could only get away with sleep,
Until that clinking bottle came yelling down to me,
I get drunk, I can see
All the questions I need,
So with a shot glass or three I'll chase away,
These shades of black.

I can't breathe, I can't see,
The gritting of my teeth,
Comes to peel me from relief,
All's I can see,
Just shades of black.
Track Name: Practical Man
Pleasure, and pleasure and presents for kings,
Who tear down the backs of their everloving kin,
Who reap all the minds of the jesters and jokers,
Until fire comes about and they bathe in it's grace.

Presents and praise for the pratical man,
Who walks on the backs of the ones who can't stand,
Who washes their minds with his promise of land,
But breaks all ambition with the swipe of his hand.

But pain and dismay for the ones who stand strong,
And fight through the fog with all that they've got,
Shame, what a shame, what a shame oh, indeed.
They've held up the king and the man in his seat.
Track Name: Peace In Madness
Peace in madness, oh my brother,
Wash your wounds with holy water,
Cleanse your mind and bathe your soul,
The fear it burns, but you swear the fire's worse.

Oh my brother, soft and fragile,
Can't you see the altars mantle.
Cracks and creaks most everyday,
The water's cold, now it's flowing through your veins.

Oh my brother, born of water
Holy jesus, and his father,
You claim they've saved your lonely soul,
But I can't see the proof up through your holes.
Track Name: Paradise
Paradise is in her mind, but she climbs up to the sky,
And calls and calls and calls,
But she never finds the light,

Holiday is everlong,
Joyous rhythms in her hall,
But madness strikes her down and under paradise she shouts.

She shouts.
She shouts.

She shouts.
She shouts.
She shouts.
Track Name: Bound
Child, lift the weight off your mind,
I can hear it when you speak,
I can see it when you cry.

Let us listen, to the sounds, of the day,
To relax you from your state,
And remind you of today.

Bound, by the restraints of time,
But fear not for the hourglass,
Has many grains to fall until it's end.

Fear, has dragged you down and pierced your core,
But you've many moons to live,
Let's stitch your wounds and walk on through the bridge.
Track Name: A Love Story Between Two Ghosts
It'd been a couple years now since she'd looked up at the sky,
She'd hung her head from far to near for fear had weighed her eyes,
A sinking feeling came to drown her in the fires of hell,
If only for a second chance she'd come about and yell.

He didn't get it on his travels, didn't get it while he cried,
But soon enough he'd realize as the thunder bathed his eyes,
The distance caused by angers grasp could never bring him joy,
So instead he'd take a longer look into an endless void.

Now as they lay together and they pick apart their souls,
They realize the comfort brought by burying their woes,
But comfort kills or so it seemed, they'd take a walk down evergreens,
And right into the sun until they're buried and forgotten lots.

They buried him one morning in the spring of '69,
She shook until her bones broke down and madness claimed her mind,
The days grew darker than her thoughts until she slipped away,
Reunited and in love they'd roam across the day.
Track Name: A Journey
Quench your thirst,
But throw caution to the wind,
Yet hold those wines,
The space around you holds the time,
Holds the time.

Let us leave,
We'll walk around and live to feed,
Distance cries,
That freedom yells to you and I,
You and I

Finally free,
And through the mountains and the trees,
We will roam,
With floating hearts and gallant bones.
Gallant bones,
Gallant bones,
Track Name: Will You Dance?
If the pendulum of patience comes to a screeching halt,
Where will you wail, when will you fall?
Will you dust around the outside of your secluded little cave?
Will you reap the benefits brought by the dying of the days?

And will you live, so, free?
Will you walk with the wind,
Will you dance with the sea?
Will you leak away, slowly?

Wash away the illusion that dissonance will bring,
Hug your hunching back, kiss your whining whims,
Seclude yourself,
The memories will come through with the wind,
Dance around your halls, you've finally given in,

And you will live, so, free
You'll dance around the outside,
Planted on the leaves,
You'll breathe, so, sweet,
Comfort in your heart, oh, finally.
Track Name: The Good Night
The blanket shall send the sky to sleep,
And from it the tears will fall,
But tears of joy, for the night will rejoice,
And sing us a lovely song.

One for the sleepers,
One for the dreamers,
One for the artists and one for the screamers.

And the folks of the night they will bathe in delight,
And dance till the moon has gone.

So with a thunderous hymn,
We will with our whims,
We will dance with the stars and the moon,
And when the cities asleep, we will bury our feet,
In the sands of time and swoon,

Swoon for the night,
Swoon for the moon,
The stars, the silence,
the poetic gloom,

And the folks of the night will fall into the day, with their hearts so beautifully fueled.
Track Name: Moondance
I can see it in your eyes,
The love we share can take us high,
So let us walk into a sea,
Of sands and hike above the breeze,

We'll dance out in the moonlights glow,
With fire burning at our toes,
Conjure spirits from around,
And sink our souls into the ground below.

I can see it in your mind,
The sands of time have made us bright,
So let us take apart the night,
And hold ourselves up to the light,

We'll hold the flames up to our hearts,
Dance around with all the stars,
And float into the sky above,
Until the sun itself does shine above the sands.
Track Name: Mystique/Mirage
"There's something out here,
Something we can't quite comprehend",
Mystery will yell these words to me.
A cryptic tale only speaking of the end.

So from the calls from behind the mountains,
To the yelling of the bleeding sea,
I will roam until the sands bear my scars,
Until the water bends and breaks at the seams.

Now as the sun begins to settle down for bed,
Mystique begins to lend it's healing breath.
The sunset shouts the loudest words I've ever heard,
Refracts and changes all I've come to learn from the fading end.
Track Name: Calls From The West
Walked through the valley deep and wide,
Walls of confusion by my side,
I've come to ask the mountains, why, oh why
The cliffs of the coast had yanked my spine,

Sifted through the desert all the night,
Trying to observe the sands of time,
But conjured up some spirits which would bind,
A wandering soul to a land so fine.

Stepped among the sands of a beach and cried,
The calls of the coast had soothed my mind,
I look upon a vision so sublime
The spirits of the water by my side.