by Jo Cardoso

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released November 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Jo Cardoso Plymouth Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: The Children
Do you hear, do you hear?
There's a-something in the air.
Change on the horizon, anticipation's here to speak.

Oh Children, Oh children, oh can't you see?
The winds aloft are shifting, we've somewhere else to be.

So killers and fighters please lay down your guns, take a look around, take a look down on your sons,
the children, the children, they're all growing old, bathed in fired and anger they'll never seem to float.

So lay down your weapons, and give up the fight.
We've bigger things to do now, it's time to take a flight,

Make a change, make a change, as best as we can.
The questions brought by innocence will lend a helping hand.
Track Name: Rain
I still recall the day you slipped away,
the rain relayed your loving life in such a way,
the sun itself would seem to shy away,
the moon itself would hide for one last day.

But as the sky does cry, I must say it's a beautiful goodbye,
Now your love will roam the earth, a gentle rain from the sky.

I see your love in every little drop against the glass,
they seem to leak on through most every time we pass,
I feel your touch as every droplet falls upon my skin,
The thunder sings your words throughout a lovely hymn.

And as the sky does cry, I must say it's a beautiful goodbye,
It's nice to feel your warmth hung in the air, just one last time.
Track Name: Time Keeps On Slipping Away
Well we loved like the novels, and kissed like the films,
And nothing could get in our way,
Seemed like that loving would last forever,
But life seemed to pull us away.

Now time keeps on slipping away,
And I can't seem to remember your face,
Or the look in your emerald eyes,
When you said we'd meet again someday.

Maybe it's the drink or the fact that I can't think,
Or maybe it's all brought by fate.
But whatever it is, oh maybe the mist is better and to this I say.

As time keeps on slipping away,
Maybe it's better that way,
For it's time to move on, and time to hop off of this ever derailing train.
Track Name: Going Home
Oh when will this weathered soul find home?
If home is the past is he always doomed to roam?
Jumping from memory to memory,
Not heeding the warning of the curtain call.
This poor old weathered soul, is surely set to fall.

If memories are clouds, then love was the sun,
This weathered soul fell victim to the stories of the one.
His world so warped and time so shaken,
This weathered soul felt he would never find his home, oh no.

But alas, the clock hits 45, the weathered soul he found his life,
His home was in his mind there all along.
Call him an introvert, he's just happy that the clouds are gone,
Oh yes, he's finally nailed his quest.
Track Name: Autumn
Spent most of the summer hung in a daze,
And now with the leaves fall my sanity,
Where have the days gone to die?
Could I visit their grave, is there enough time?

I walk through the memories as best as I can,
Trying my hardest to grasp introspection,
But fear and contempt weigh down my hand, and I'm left to roam instead.

And now that I look at all that I've known,
I seem to find I'm grown,
So autumn please take me gracefully in your arms.
Track Name: Eye In The Sky
Oh, eye in the sky, won't you reply
To my demanding needs?
For others do not heed a reply, no only beautiful me.

Eye in the sky, can't you see?
The others hang around to toy about with thee.
I pray you take care of them - or maybe it's my turn instead?

Eye in the sky, don't you see?
I'm bathed in blood, but I've done it for thee.
So take me away, I feel I've earned myself a place.
Track Name: Earth Song
Been a couple years now since you've looked up at the skies,
You swung your head from far to near, for fear had weighed your eyes,
Now you watch these veiny branches sway out in the wind,
And realize that mother earth plays us all a lovely hymn.

Didn't get it on your travels,
Didn't get it while you cried,
But now I think you realize,
As the sun does bathe your eyes,
It all makes sense - or it'll all make sense in due time.

Calmer days will come about as soon as you cease to scream and shout, and listen to the music that the winds do seem to play,
Only then will all those thoughts get thrown out with all the rot, and everything will be okay,
And it'll all make sense,
it'll all make sense.
It'll all make sense,
It'll all make sense.
Track Name: Bound
Child, lift the weight off your mind,
I can hear it when you speak,
I can see it when you cry,

And listen, to the sounds of the day,
to relax you from your state,
and remind you of today.

Bound, by the restraints of time,
but fear not for the hourglass,
has many grains to fall until it's end.

Fear, has dragged you down and pierced your core,
but you've many moons to live - so stitch that wound and walk on through the bridge.
Track Name: Moonchild
Your light peaks through the soft white blinds,
I shut it out - or at least I try,
But what do I do when the moonlights hue reminds me of dancing around with you?

Oh moonchild, come and give rise to my tide.

Oh moonchild, your force bears heavy on my soul,
Wait 24 hours for you to devour my home,
My heroin, my heroine, just come and take a peak,
Take a look at what your poison is doing to me.

Oh, moonchild, come and give rise to my tide.
Oh, moonchild, your force bears heavy on my mind.

Oh, moonchild, come and give rise to my tide.
Oh, moonchild, your force bears heavy on my mind.
Track Name: Hell On Fire
Seems like fire out in these streets,
The dead are living and the living are weak,
Blood stained roads, lead back home for those who bleed from their feet.

Seems like something's amiss out here,
A short sighted echo reassures our fears,
And gunfire rages on and on,
But we've muffled all our ears,

So do you hear, do you hear?
There's a-something in the air.
It's come to call us from our beds and straight into the years.